Top Tips For Selecting Dog Boarding

Dog boarding is a fact of life for many pet parents. Whether you're heading off on vacation or you need someone to watch your pup while you're at work, finding a caring company to keep your playful pooch happy puts your mind at ease when you're away. Before picking the first kennel or doggy daycare that you click on online, check out these top tips for choosing where to board your dog.

Sniff the indoor environment. A reputable kennel/doggy daycare shouldn't have an overabundance of offensive odors, according to the American Kennel Club. Yes, you may find a few 'dog' scents anywhere that houses pups. That said, the building's ventilation system should be in working order and carry the smells out.

Ask about health requirements. If the kennel owner tells you not worry about showing proof of vaccination, look elsewhere. Dogs in boarding situations are kept in close quarters, making it easy for disease to pass from animal to animal. Strict vaccination requirements cut this risk and help your pet stay safe. Only choose a kennel or daycare that requires proof of current vaccination.

What vaccinations does your dog need? According to the ASPCA, dogs should have vaccinations that protect against parvovirus, distemper, hepatitis and rabies. The kennel may also require other vaccinations such as Bordetella (which protects against Kennel Cough).

Walk the outdoor area. During your dog's stay, he'll get time for outdoor play. This means that you need to ensure a suitable setting. Ask to walk around the play space or dog runs. Take a look at the fences or barriers that keep your dog in.

Take a look at the other dogs. Do they look happy? It's normal for some dogs to show nervousness or anxiety when they're in a new environment. If a dog or two looks less-than-thrilled, there may not be cause for alarm. On the other hand, if every dog is howling, shivering or looks ill-cared for you want to stay away.

Talk to the owner. Your dog is an individual and has unique needs. Take some time to talk with the kennel owner, asking questions that are specific to your pet. While general questions (such as how much time do the dogs get to play outside or do the dogs go outdoors together or individual?) are must-asks, also make a list of ones that directly speak to your pooch's personality.

The dog boarding experience can be a fun-filled mini-break for your pup. Knowing what to look for and the questions to ask beforehand helps to ease the 'picking process' and lets you select the best option for your precious pet. For more information, contact a place like Wags and Tails Kennel.

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