What You Should Know About Grooming Your Dog With Allergies

When you find out that your beloved dog has allergies, you may wonder what you can do to make them feel better. And, of course, you probably find yourself wondering what to do about grooming your pet, especially if their allergies are obviously symptomatic on their skin. Get to know some of the ways that you can improve the pet grooming experience for your dog with allergies and ensure that you help them to feel better rather than worse in the process.

Bathe Them Without Shampoo

Pet shampoos, especially the really inexpensive ones that are available in most general stores and grocery stores, are made almost entirely of artificial chemicals and perfumes. While these shampoos may be fine for a pet that does not have allergies, for one that does, they can cause your pet to be miserable.

These chemicals can burn broken skin if your dog has areas they have scratched or bitten a great deal. They can also dry out their already sensitive skin causing more itching and discomfort.

Rather than bathe your dog with these types of shampoos, consider instead just giving your dog a nice, calming bath with water only. Rinsing your dog's fur and skin will help to remove any pollen or other irritants that could be triggering your dog's allergies. And, you will not be adding anything to their skin that could further cause discomfort.

Go to a Groomer that Uses Hypoallergenic or All-Natural Shampoos

If you prefer not to bathe your dog yourself or your pet gets particularly dirty and needs a bath with more than just water, there are still options available to you. You will want to look for a pet grooming service that is dedicated to using hypoallergenic or all-natural dog shampoos.

These shampoos are very mild and gentle and are designed to prevent skin irritation and provide natural moisture and nutrients. They are also free of harsh chemicals. Pet groomers who use such products also likely have experience working with dogs with allergies and can help to get your dog nice and clean and feeling comfortable.

Brush Your Dog Regularly

In between your regular grooming and bathing sessions, you should continue to regularly brush your dog with allergies. While they may have some sores or extremely sensitive areas of the skin you will want to avoid, frequent brushing will help to remove loose fur, and get rid of any allergens that may be trapped in that fur.

Brushing with a soft bristled dog brush can also be soothing and relaxing to your dog in general, helping them to bite and scratch at their skin less than they would otherwise. Brushing your dog every few days or even once a day for a few minutes will help to keep those allergies in check and their skin and coat healthy.

Now that you know more about grooming your dog with allergies, you can better care for your dog's sensitive skin and ensure that they are as healthy and comfortable as possible. For more information, talk to a pet groomer like Town & Country Kennel Inc.

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