What You Need To Know About The Canine Influenza Vaccine

Are you going on vacation and planning on leaving your dog at a kennel like Buyrningwood Kennels? Before boarding your dog, you need to do a few things to protect his or her health. Just like you, your dog can also contract a version of the flu, which is generally referred to as canine influenza. However, you can protect your dog from dealing with the flu by giving your dog the canine influenza vaccine on a yearly basis. Here are a few things you need to understand about canine influenza and the vaccine to prevent it.

The Basics About The Virus Behind Canine Influenza

The canine influenza virus is actually a relatively new virus that has only recently begun to pick up steam in the United States. Just like diseases that affect humans, the advent of travel can also quicken the spread of disease among animals as well.

The canine influenza virus can weaken your dog's immune system and cause your dog to develop symptoms such as a runny nose, cough, low-energy, lack of appetite, and a fever. This virus can be hard to kick; it likes to stick around for a few weeks. If you have a very old or young dog who already has a weakened immune system, contracting the canine influenza can make them more susceptible to other respiratory infections, such as pneumonia, that can have far more serious health consequences for your dog.

What The Canine Influenza Vaccine Does For Your Dog

The canine influenza vaccine is one that your dog would need to get on a yearly basis, just like you do with the flu shot. The composition of the vaccine changes from year to year based on the exact canine influenza virus that is being spread around. The canine influenza vaccine starts by giving your dog two different shots, with a couple of weeks in between each shot. After that, your dog will need to get a yearly booster shot to protect him or her.

The canine influenza does not prevent your dog from actually getting the canine flu. Instead, it helps your dog fight back against the flu and its side effects. It is designed to lessen the severity of the symptoms that accompany the canine flu and shorten the length of time that the flu affects your dog. This is crucial because the longer your dog is under the weather, the weaker their immune system will get, opening them up to more serious and deadly complications. Getting the canine influenza vaccine turns the dog flu into more of a light cold for your dog instead of a serious battle for their health.

Who Should Get The Canine Influenza Vaccine

Ideally, every dog should get the canine influenza vaccine. However, dogs that are at the most risk for getting the canine flu are the ones who need it the most. If your dog is around other dogs, than your dog is at a higher risk of catching the canine flu, as it is spread through interaction with other sick dogs. Since your dog will be around many other dogs at the boarding kennel, it is a good choice to get your dog vaccination.

The vaccination process is relatively simple and will help your dog stay healthy and less susceptible towards catching a more serious illness. 

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