The Top Reasons To Choose A Dog Daycare

Why does your furry friend need dog daycare? If you haven't considered this service, take a look at the top reasons to send your pet to out-of-the-home care.

Work or School

Are you at work or school for most of the day? Your dog doesn't want to stay cooped up in a crate or closed behind the guest bedroom door for hours on end. Not only does your dog need space to play, but they also need interaction. A bored, lonely dog may resort to destructive behaviors (such as chewing furniture) as a way to stimulate or soothe themselves.

Daycare provides your dog with daily activity, exercise, and a social setting—with both people and pet interactions.

Home Renovations

Home renovations mean excess dust, noise, and strange people in your home during the day. The combination of the sights, sounds, and smells may make your dog anxious. Beyond your dog's anxiety, you can't always count of your contractor to shut the door and keep your dog inside.

A temporary stay at doggy daycare provides your pet with a safe place to visit during the renovation process.

Home Sale

Did you recently list your home for sale? If so, chances are you'll have a steady stream of potential buyers walking through your home daily. Daycare provides you with an easy way to keep your dog safe as strangers enter your home. This can reduce your dog's stress level during the sales process.

Along with your dog's safety, daycare can also make it easier to show your home. A barking dog isn't likely to lead to a quick sale. The potential buyers want to see a home they can move into, and not one that's guarded by your protective pup.

New Puppy

Puppy daycare can help your new family member to socialize—with other dogs. Socialization is important for your dog when it comes to their overall behavior. The more time your puppy spends around other animals, and people, the more comfortable they'll feel. This is important when it comes to reducing the risks of behavioral issues right now and in the future.

Excessive Energy

Does your dog want to play all day? Do you have the energy to keep up with your pup? If your furry friend's excessive energy wears you out, daycare provides an alternative activity and gives you a much-needed rest break.

Whether you work all day, are at the start of a lengthy home renovation, want to sell your home, or have a new puppy, daycare is an easy option that provides an outlet for your energetic pet.

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