Cat Grooming Is More Important Than You Might Think

Many dog owners take their dogs to the groomer. Fewer cat owners seek this service on a regular basis. Often, this is because they believe that cat grooming is unnecessary or silly. There is a kernel of truth to this — cats do a pretty good job of keeping them clean. However, there are still some distinct benefits of taking a cat to the groomer now and then. Check them out below.

Trimming the Hair Between the Toes

Many cats, especially medium and long-haired cats, have little tufts of hair between their toes. These tufts of hair tend to grab onto litter and dirt. Then, your cat tracks the litter and dirt through your home. This doesn't affect your cat too much, but you probably don't appreciate finding litter on your pillow after your cat has taken a nap there. As a part of their regular grooming service, most groomer will trim the long hairs between cats' toes. This will help keep your home tidier and your cat's paws cleaner.

Claw Trimming and Claw Caps

Do you worry about your cat scratching your furniture and other important items? Trimming their claws and also applying claw caps can help thwart this behavior, or at least minimize the damage that's done when your cat does scratch. Some people are able to trim their cat's claws and apply claw caps at home, but it's not easy. This is something a groomer can easily do during your cat's appointment. Trimming and applying claw caps is a lot kinder to your cat than declawing them permanently, which isn't even permitted in many states now.

Mat Removal

Cats can develop mats, or little tangles, in the base of their hair coat. These make the coat look rough and unkempt, but the bigger problem is that they can cause your cat's skin to become itchy and sore. A groomer will find mats and remove them when they are still small, so they don't become so uncomfortable. Also, regularly brushing the coat, as the groomer will do, can help keep mats from forming in the first place. The groomer can show you how to best brush your cat at home to maintain their tidiness.

Cat grooming isn't necessarily essential, but it can be a really beneficial service to opt for. If you have a groomer near you who works on cats, you should consider scheduling an appointment for your feline friend.

For more information on pet grooming, contact a professional near you.

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