Cozy Kittens: Three Methods For Making Your Cat's Comfortable When Boarding For A Week

Cats are animals that tend to get attached to a fixed space. Even outside cats like to roam in their specific neighborhood, where they are comfortable with the other animals and the landscape. Most cats are also fine with roaming around the home by themselves, even while their owners are gone for the day. If you are leaving for a week and you need to board your cat, boarding can be inherently uncomfortable for the cats.

Here are three ways to make your homebody cats happy and cozy while they are away. 

Give them their own room and bring their items

For your cats to be completely comfortable, it is a good idea to get them their own room at a pet boarding facility. Having them in a mixed room of too many cats will make it hard for them to acclimate themselves without feeling overwhelmed. With their own room, they can get a chance to settle in and soothe themselves without having to deal with other cats' personalities. Inside their own room, you should take some of their items, including their blankets, bedding, and a small cat tree if possible. If you don't want to move their items at home, introduce a new set of bedding, blankets, and a new cat tree a few weeks prior to placing your cats in boarding. Move this second set of items to the cat boarding facility with them for them to have proper stimulation. 

Ask for a vet checkup while in boarding

You and your vet know your cat's temperament better than anyone else. Ask your vet if they can check up on your cats to determine how they are feeling and if they are displaying any symptoms of stress. If they are, your vet may be able to give them medication to help calm them down or can suggest a change that will make your cats happier. Having someone else check up on your animals can also put your mind at ease. 

Get them a visit from someone they know

Although cats are more independent animals, cats still like to have visits and people around them. The care team at pet boarding will be available to go into your cat's room to provide them with care and play, however, your cats may have a preference for someone that they already know. If you have any friends or family in town that your cats are acquainted with, ask them to go to the pet boarding facility and check on your cats. Familiar people sitting with your cats for a few hours will help calm any nervousness and give them a pleasant surprise before your return. 

Reach out to a pet cat boarding facility for more information.

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